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Terrifier 2(Happy Halloween #15)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Knowing how insane the first film was, I tried being mentally prepared for the sequel Terrifier 2. I can fairly say I was still not prepared for what I was about to witness. This takes everything about the first one and just ups the ante..

The plot sees Art the Clown return, this time setting his sights on a teenaged girl and her little brother.
So if there is any doubts as far as the level of kills and the gore count, the opening scene sets the bar as to what you will be in for. Every scene is going to make you wince in horror and audibly gasp. But as a reprieve, there are humorous moments too, dark humor that is, but still enough to make you laugh. This a film that doesn’t let up with its brutality however, and you may find yourself traumatized by what you witnessed. I’ll never see mashed potatoes in the same way again.

The story adds more lore as to what Art the Clown is, and how he is still alive after the events of the first film. There is also a dream sequence that comes complete with an earworm that won’t leave your head anytime soon. The ending gives us the final girl with shades of Xena Warrior Princess vibes. And there is a mid-credits scene that leaves things open for a future entry.

As much as I enjoyed the first one, I thought the second is a pure example of a sequel outdoing everything that was done before. We get more bloody kills, and it establishes Art the Clown further as a slasher villian. Definitely my top favorite horror movie of 2022 and of all time. Gorehounds will definitely eat this one up. For those with weaker stomachs, have a barf bag handy. There are reports of people fainting and vomiting while watching this, which may add to its publicity, but there is valid reason behind it.

Terrifier 2 is currently in theaters with limited showings and will also be available to stream on the Screambox app. If you already seen it, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, Happy Halloween and stay scared!
-The Thrilla-

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