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Cannibal Abduction(2024)(Review)

The lovely folks over at Puppet Combo have once again blessed us with another voyage into lo-fi horror video games. Their newest offering is a piece tiled “Cannibal Abduction” which honestly plays out similarly to “Stay Out of the House” and “Murder House” before it – you are a young man whose car breaks down on a country road. A kind old man pulls over and offers to repair your vehicle, in exchange he wants you to go into one of his bedrooms and repair a cabinet that he has. You accept, and only then do you learn that you are locked in the house with a masked man who is hunting you down.

You travel from room to room in this 2-story house (with a full attic & basement), finding notes from one of the family members that’s documenting what’s happening, finding clues as to what you need to look for to progress to open doors and reveal hidden passages, while hiding from and escaping this massive cannibal with a meat cleaver whose ruthless. The screen gets static-y when danger is near and gets progressively more aggressive the closer it is. And with no weapons available, all you can do is run and hide.

It’s a game that’s simple in its set up, super fun and immersive, genuinely terrifying at moments, and a quick play you can beat in under an hour (even with finding clues for the bonus ending!) It does have tanky controls & camera angles that are akin to the original Resident Evil games, which can be disorienting and frustrating, but its just one hurdle you have to overcome to get the experience. Strong recommendation if you like any of Puppet Combo’s previous works, it’s another home run.


“Cannibal Abduction” is currently available on Steam, Playstation Store, and Microsoft Marketplace.

This particular review is based off the Xbox release.

‘Til Next Time,
Mike Cleoptra

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