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Double Walker(2021)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesday]

If given the choice after your death, would you rather have one day to come back and make peace with those you loved, or would you rather live an eternity as a ghost who could only be seen by those who believe or have wronged you? This is the exact question at the heart of ‘Double Walker’, a low budget Independent film with a lot of artistic flair.

We meet a nameless ghost, played by newcomer Sylvie Mix, who is found one day by a man walking his dog – she is barely dressed on the side of the road in an early winter month. She is brought home and given clothes and hardly speaks for the entirety of the film. But as the man who saves her begins to make moves on her as she sits quietly in his chair, she pulls out a sharpened spoon and impales him. One by one, she goes on a quest to wrong the men who she insinuates have harmed her – and a large part of this journey is discovering what exactly this means and who these people are. It’s a movie that occupies the present as well as the past.

She meets a young man named Jack who can see her and is extremely friendly. They become almost best friends after a short period and he really likes her, but things grow complicated when he asks her to meet his father.
It’s an artistic tale where nothing is ever really said, but mostly shown, and its up to the viewer to piece together what is going on. It goes from bloody seduction, to the death of innocence (in multiple ways), up to a very stark way to redeem her own life.

For a movie with very little story or action going on, or dialogue even for that matter, it is very intoxicating in its environment and how the story slowly and beautifully plays out. You feel for this ghost, and you almost fall for her, but you cannot entirely justify her choices. It’s a film with complicated emotions that require the viewer to participate by making your own choices on how you interpret and feel about what is happening.

I personally loved this movie. It’s beautifully shot, the story is intriguing, and Sylvie Mix as the Ghost has a quality that demands attention even when she only speaks about 5 lines of dialogue for the entire time. The ending tugs at the heart strings, and I cannot wait to see what both this actor and the filmmaker do next. A lot of promise is built up in such a short, potent amount of time.

“Double Walker” is currently streaming on VOD for Vudu & Amazon Prime.

‘Til Next Time,
Mike Cleopatra

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