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Horror Realm Con 2022(Retrospective)

I recently had the privilege of attending the Horror Realm Con 2022, which was held from Friday March 4th to Sunday March 6th. Located in the Crowne Plaza in Pittsburgh, PA, I attended the Saturday date, and it was blast as always.

To give you an idea of what the Horror Realm Con is about, they been serving the needs of horror fans in the Pittsburgh area since 2009. Their events are typically small, which makes for a more intimate experience when meeting the various celebrity guests. They also have vendor room which boasts a variety of merchandise such as movies and DVDs, horror movie memorabilia, original art, and more.

For this year’s event, you would get the chance to meet horror celebs such as Kane Hodder who starred as Jason in Friday the 13th Part 7, 8, 9, and Jason X, as well as stars from the movie Fright Night such as William Ragsdale, Stephen Georffreys, Johnathan Stark, and Amanda Bearse.

I will detail my experience while attending the convention to hopefully give you an idea of what to expect when attending Horror Realm Con. So after purchasing my ticket, my normal plan of attack that applies for any convention I attend is to scope out the vendors first. I got to visit convention regulars such as Horror Hub Marketplace, Slaughtered Lamb Designs, Zombie Works(aka Buzz Works), and Time Bomb Toys. Media companies Neo Trash Video and Just Buried Entertainment were also in attendance. I assisted in doing a couple promo videos for Just Buried while I was there, so be on the look out for those.

You can check out photos of some of the vendors below:

I had only one celeb that I would most interested in meeting and that I had budgeted for, which was Kane Hodder. He was the silent stoic type, but I expected that from him as that was his persona as a veteran horror actor. He autographed a print for me, and took a few selfies with me:

I also got to talk to Jeff Lieberman who had directed films such as Squirm and Satan’s Little Helper which is actually my favorite film of his. He signed the poster for the movie, and he gave me some factoids about the movie. For example, the kid who starred in the movie, who was 10 at the time, is now 30 years old and graduated from college. He took a selfie with me as well:

After meeting the celebs, I spent my time purchasing some items and talking to the different vendors. You can scope out some of the movies I added to my collection, and you can expect me to review them at some point:

In all, I had a wonderful time during the convention. As a horror movie enthusiast, I was in my glory. I even took the time to thank the promotor for putting this together as normally for horror conventions, you have to travel across the state or even go out of state to attend something of this caliber. Check out the official Horror Realm Con website for more information as well to keep an eye for the announcement of the next event they will be holding.

Till next time, stay scared!

-Tha Thrilla-

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