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Mushroomhead – Fall in Line

Mushroomhead is back with a new lineup, new masks, and a new album as well as the first single from that album called “Fall in Line”.

They look just as demonic as ever, and the song continues their style of nu-metal with ballistic sound that contains creepy ambient noise added in. The male and female vocals mix well together as well. The video displays the new look of the band in bright red background which I thought was a nice touch. This band is well known for their theatrical presence with horror influence, and that is certainly no difference here.

I been a long time fan of the band, so this new single showed me they were not content to slow down, if anything there is new life to their music, and it drove up anticipation for what else they will be presenting with a new tour to promote their upcoming album.

The title of that album is called Call the Devil and it will be releasing on August 9th, 2024 via Napalm Records. You can preorder that here.

You can check out more from Mushroomhead via their official website, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and Instagram.

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