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Psycho(1960)(Review)[Flashback Friday]

Alfred Hitchcock presents a tale of murder and mystery that would become the precipice for the slasher formula for years to come. When a woman steals money from her job and begins to run, she takes shelter at a hotel where her sins catch up to her.

So, cinema confession: this was my very first Hitchcock film. And I absolutely loved it. The music was intense, every frame was meticulous, and even though I knew the infamous twist, it played out beautifully.

It’s really no mystery why this film is still spoken of so highly, the only mystery is why did I wait so long. But really, there’s nothing more I can say about this that hasn’t been spoken to death already, but make sure you see this film. It’s mind boggling how well it works 60 years down the road.

‘Til Next Time,
Mike Cleopatra

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