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Hosts(2020)(Happy Horrordays #17)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Wrapping up the horrorday celebration with this doozy of a film. The consequences of inviting people to a family dinner can be dire, especially if those people are possessed by otherworldly forces. That is what we see in Hosts. The plot sees a family having dinner on Christmas Eve, and decide to invite their neighbors …

Hosts(2020)(Happy Horrordays #17)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday] Read More »

The Cursed(2021)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Silly humans, always messing with things we shouldn’t be and getting ourselves cursed. That is the premise behind the period piece horror called The Cursed. The plot is set in a village in 19th century France that has been plagued by supernatural events and unexplained disappearances. A pathologist is sent and decides to investigate. only …

The Cursed(2021)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday] Read More »

Rose Red[King-sized Horror #4)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Stephen King sought out to do his take on the Haunting of Hill House, but when The Haunting came out, it became Rose Red instead. The elements of The Haunting were there, but with King’s usual flair. This is another one not based on his works, and ABC banked hard on its success. The plot …

Rose Red[King-sized Horror #4)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday] Read More »

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