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Brain Damage(1988)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesday]

Aylmer is your friendly, neighborhood parasite who has hunted for hosts since the beginning of time. He has a habit of drinking your spinal fluid, causing intense psychedelic hallucinations, and has a hunger for brains. No longer happy with his current hosts, Aylmer decides to travel a ways and find a new one.

‘Brain Damage’ is a Frank Hennenlotter production (Basket Case, Frankenhooker). It’s silly and gross with some really fun visuals and a few super violent images. The parasite takes residence with young adult Brian who actively loses his interest in his girlfriend, brother, his job, and his life in general. All he wants is to see pretty colors, sulk in wet bath tubs, and party.

The voice of Aylmer is sulky and seductive, adding a touch of class to this more low-brow horror film. When he decides to eat, it’s graphic and disturbing – including an insinuated sex scene which takes a very dark turn. But the overall tone is silly and bizarre. Full of fun practical effects and creative puppetry, it’s a fun time and worth a watch when you just want to see something interesting.

“Brain Damage” will be streaming on Shudder May 16th.

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Mike Cleopatra

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