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The Stepford Wives(2004)(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

I thought this was appropriate to discuss in relation to current events as the remake of The Stepford Wives is a depiction of gender inequality at its most extreme. Much of the movie takes liberty and has a comedic approach to the issues at hand, but deep down, the message is clear.

The plot sees a down on her luck TV executive who is recently fired from her job, and as a way to cope, moves to the Stepford community. While she is there, she suspect something off about the residents, and seeks to uncover the secrets the community is holding.

This movie has a big cast with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Glenn Close, and Christopher Walken all playing major roles. Once in the community, everything is displayed with bright colors and it all seems so perfect. But you get this eerie sense that something is not quite right with the residents. There is messages about a semblance of control in a relationship, and how quickly that can all break down. We are not meant to be robots. There is a scene where the master plan is explained and subsequently it is asked “Can they love”. The answer is yes. The next question is “but will they mean it?”

The film is very unsettling but a good look at gender inequality and the facade of control when it comes to relationships. I think most people can relate to the topics within and agree there is no such thing as perfect.
The 2004 remake of Stepford Wives is available to watch on HBOMAX.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla –

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