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Pupper Master Retrospective Part III(Twisted Throwback Thursday]

The third film, Puppet Master III: Toulan’s Revenge serves as a prequel, and gives us a little backstory of Toulan and his puppets. The plot deals with Andre Toulan who attracted the wrong kind of attention from Nazis. They kill his wife in cold blood, so Toulan naturally takes his revenge on the ones responsible. This is set in World War 2, and is the first film that has a Nazi subplot involved.

We get to see a new puppet called Six Shooter, which is a six armed puppet with a gun in each hand. He was pretty deadly, because even if you shot one of his arms off, he still has 5 other guns to kill you with, as one unfortunate victim learns. We also see the origin of the Leech Woman puppet, who is disgusting as ever, as well as the origin of the famous puppet Blade. In this movie, Toulan is portrayed as a good guy fighting against the Nazis who are out to destroy him. The ending goes all Hellraiser. I was not expecting that at all as just when you thought enough was enough, they just kept adding more. The gore effects were pretty awesome to say the least.

I really enjoyed this look into the past of Puppet Master, the plot was good, and it had some pretty gross kills, especially at the end.

Stay tuned for Part IV of my retrospective series to come in the near future.

Till next time, stay scared!!
-Tha Thrilla-

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