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Dawn of Ashes – Anhedonia

Today we will be looking at the latest music video that Dawn of Ashes recently released for their single “Anhedonia” and it is a beast of a track.

If you look up the definition, anhedonia is where a person experiences lack of enjoyment, and essentially that is what the lyric explores where a person just doesn’t care anymore. It could either a person is experiencing ennui or maybe it is something they don’t have an interest in the subject anymore. In some cases, a person can be pushed to the point of not enjoying something anymore.

The song starts with a short synth intro but then gets brutal as heck with heavy guitars and sinister bass lines. The growls of the frontman Kristof Bathory heighten the tension even more. He stars in the video as being chained, bound, and with a bandage on his bleeding eyes. A storm rages in the background. This seems to be a representation of what it is like to experience anhedonia and to be stuck in that mental prison.

In my opinion, this track is a sign that the band is just becoming more of a force to be reckoned with. To be honest it is hard to find a group that managed to bridge the gap between industrial and death metal but they certainly seemed to have done that. Meanwhile keeping that tone to their music that is vile and darkly ethereal at times. I am one to generally recommend anything they put out, so yeah definitely give this a listen.

The track features on their newest album Reopening the Scars released via Metropolis Records, and that is available to purchase here.

You can check out more from Dawn of Ashes via their official website, Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and Instagram.

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