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Drag Me To Hell(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Evil Dead fans were salivating for a new entry so much that in 2009 Sam Raimi gave them what they wanted without actually giving them a new Evil Dead. I would call Drag Me to Hell more of a spiritual successor. It had the elements you would come to expect from Raimi and horror fans ate it up.

The plot is about Christine who is eager to please her boss at the bank, so she denies an old woman’s request to save her from becoming homeless. Soon, Christine finds herself under the curse of the Lamia and has three days to find a way to break free before it claims her soul.

This movie has its gross moments as phlegm and blood spews a plenty. The seance scene is the highlight of the film as it is full of the zany antics and proto Deadite action. Christine serves as the perfect substitute for Ash as she starts the movie as timid and then becomes ruthless and badass by the end. As a whole this is typical Raimi combining horror and comedic elements to make one hell of a movie. No pun intended.

Once it gets going, it doesn’t stop until the ending. I did enjoy the red herrings of making you think everything is going to work out but then there is a surprise twist. This is one of my second favorite horror films that Raimi produced and it still holds up pretty well. Definitely worth your while checking it out if you have yet to see it, and it is currently streaming on Hulu.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla –

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