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Femme takeover of Cattivo!

On May 24th, Distortion Productions hosted a showcase at Cattivo in Lawrenceville, PA which gave female artists or female fronted bands their time to shine in the spotlight. It ended up being a very energetic and magical evening for all who was in attendance.

Once everyone was settled in, Vanilla Sugar opened the show with a dose of sweet sugary beats with a bit of a bite to it. She brought out a guitar for some of her songs, and showed her vocal range with being able to perform death metal like growls. She had a stage presence and her set was pretty amazing to see.

Next up was Metamorph who was recent signee to the Distortion Productions label, and they were out to envelop everyone with their brand of witch house music. Not only was the vocals magical but to top it off, the lead vocalist played a few flute solos that matched the tone of the music perfectly.

Next up was Dichro who also recently signed on to the label. Their music is a nice blend of darkwave, grunge, industrial with a bit of progressive rock thrown in to the mix. The vocals of the lead songstress gives the expression needed as well as adding to the energy of the performance. Definitely had the crowd rocking out.

Eva X took the stage to close out the night, and her performances are always very energetic and easy to dance to. She performed an amazing cover of Korn’s “Twisted Transistor” during her set as well as a new song she never performed before. Her set was a way to end the night on a good note.

All in all, it was an awesome evening full of magical performances and very talented ladies showing what they can do musically. I was very glad to be able to witness it and hope to see more nights like this in the future.

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