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Isolation(2005)(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Experiments gone terribly wrong. Man playing God. That’s the gist of what is being explored in the sci fi horror Isolation(2005) and I can say it is not going to sit well with viewers.

The plot sees a farmer who agrees to allow his cattle be a part of genetic experimentation only to see the experiments go awfully wrong and subjecting everyone to a nightmare they cannot escape from.

This movie is absolutely gross. Very sickening things are happening and if you are an animal activist, I would not suggest watching this film. The cows in this are subjected to very cruel things all in the name of science. And when it goes wrong, it goes wrong in the worst way you can imagine.

What we also see happening is humans become unwilling subjects as well, so an impromptu quarantine is called for and the scientist involved is willing to go so far to kill to keep what is happening getting out in the world.
On top of all that, the practical effects are enough to turn your stomach. Very gory and also very gooey.

If after all that, if you decide to want to check this one out, it is currently streaming on Shudder. I liked it for the horrifying scenario it presented, but could have done without the animal cruelty involved.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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