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Mercy- Dichro

This past Friday, Dichro unveiled the single for their upcoming debut album called “Mercy”. After recently signing with label Distortion Productions, the band took the opportunity to show what fruits will be born out of that relationship.

It starts with slow grooving bass before adding the sultry vocals of the female lead and then throwing in some guitars that gives the song some extra pizzazz. The video showcases the band as they perform the song. And the lyrics and themes to gather here is to have mercy. Mercy upon others and yourself. Sometimes we can be too harsh when we don’t need to be. Respond in negative ways instead of more positive ways. i like that and I enjoyed the song it was definitely one you can snap your fingers to.

As mentioned before the single will be featured on their debut album Stained Glass which is set to release August 2024.

Check out more from Dichro on Bandcamp, Youtube, and Instagram

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