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Puppet Master Retrospective Part 6[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Here we are at Puppet Master 6 or more commonly known as Curse of the Puppet Master. Though there’s no real curse at hand in this one. We have a fresh start with a new puppet Master at the helm.

The plot of this one sees Puppet Master Dr Agnew whose goal is make the ultimate Puppet imbued with a living soul. He enlists the help of an unsuspecting woodcarver to assist him with this task.

During the opening credits, we get a highlight reel of the previous Puppet Master films. All the Puppets make an appearance in this one, including Leech Woman though she doesn’t do much. I wouldn’t necessarily call them the villians as mostly they are serving to protect their human companions. The villian role is served by Dr. Agnew who plays the part of doting father very well. His daughter has no clue just how dastardly he is. Though the local lawmen suspect something, which later on, their suspicions are confirmed.

The kills are very bloody and for some reason with the first kill, they used stock screaming effects. Another thing that doesn’t make sense is the woodcarver is working on the puppet. But the final product is more machine than wood. Then there’s the frustrating ending where the movie just ends. It’s like they ran out of ideas and was like okay, that’s it.

I guess what can be said about this entry is that it is not the best but certainly not the worst. It exists. If you been following the franchise so far, view it but leave your expectations low.

Stay tuned next month for Part 7!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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