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Sam Astaroth hits his Villain era

What a year that Sam Astaroth had just putting out music left and right, and he had one more to leave us with before the year was up. On December 29th, he released his new EP Villian Arc featuring five tracks and it ended the year on a good note.

This artist continues the evolve his sound and vocals, and this one demonstrated more of his evolution of both. The tracks feature gothic chants, demonic growls, cenobite intoning, blistering guitars, dark beats, and just takes you the darkest spaces of your mind. Frequent collaborator KRMNL joined him again to help breath this hellish creation into life.

I definitely appreciate just how much Sam Astaroth continues to experiment and manages the push the boundaries of his creativity each time. Just when you thought you heard him at his best, he just takes it a new level. I feel this EP is a warning that he has not reached his final form yet. If this EP is an example of what is yet to come, then he accomplished in showing us that he has much more to come in the future.

It was hard to choose some favorites as each song delivered, but if I had to choose, my favorite tracks were “Bloodthirst” and “Hellraiser”.

The EP is available on most music platforms and you can check that out here or listen to it below:

Definitely give it a chance, you will not regret it!

You can see more of what Sam Astaroth is up to via Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and Instagram.

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