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Vieda Boss – Abomination

Starting off the 2024 season of music to look at and I was looking for something to kick off the year right. Something with a little bite and ferocity to it. Vieda Boss from Cleveland, Ohio definitely helped set the tone I wanted with their music single for their latest single Abomination.

Starting with a kick-ass guitar riff, this song will absolutely kick you to the teeth and leave you begging for more. The vocal styles of the front woman Vieda Boss are as fierce and gritty as you could want. Then when the breakdown happens, it will definitely induce you into a state of endless head-banging. This is a song you can slam and stomp to with reckless abandon. It’s pretty perfect for horror fans as well because the video features a devil ,with performances of the band interspliced between,  who along with his minion is causing chaos and mayhem to some pretty unfortunate individuals. I would guess that there was a a deal that went sideways and anytime you make a deal with the devil, there are consequences. I enjoyed the makeup design of the devil and there’s some tasty bits for the gore hounds.

I absolutely enjoyed it, and for those who like metal, I would highly recommend giving it a listen. Especially if you need a little jump-start to your day. The presentation of the band is pretty kick-ass as well with different makeup designs and gear. You can download or stream the single for yourself at this link.

You can check out more from Vieda Boss via Spotify, Bandcamp, Youtube, and Instagram.

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