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Black Sheep(Review)

We seen films about killer animals but we haven’t seen anything like Black Sheep. It’s such a fun film that definitely goes places and also is kind of a zombie movie as well.

The plot is about a two brothers, one that has a phobia of sheep who uncovers secret experiments on sheep that turns them into vicious killers. Anyone that the sheep bite becomes infected and it’s up to a brother and an animal rights activity to put a stop to the infection spreading.

One idea introduced in this movie is the concept of were-sheep. The transformation scenes are very well done with the practical effects. When the sheep go on the attack, the gore gets to the extreme. There’s also a scene that plays out when someone bitten pretty much has unnatural relations with a female sheep, you don’t see it happen but it’s definitely implied.

This is very much a horror comedy and very fun to watch. The brother faces his fears in order to become a hero and it leads to a scene where he battles against a were-sheep. Blood definitely flies. They discover an antidote to combat the infection and just when you think the movie couldn’t get any wilder you will witness a man getting his penis bitten off by sheep.

I saw this movie way back when it first came out and forgot just how fun it was to watch. It’s not well known and essentially got forgotten about it, but if you are looking for a movie that introduces something different to the zombie genre, this is one to definitely check out. It is currently streaming on Tubi and you owe it yourself to give it a watch.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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