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It Lives Inside(Review)

Sometimes I’ll read a positive preview for an upcoming movie, watch the trailer, and everything feels promising. Then I’ll watch the final product and feel so disappointed and unimpressed. That was the case for It Lives Inside which mostly had me thinking I seen this all before.

The plot is about a Hindi girl named Sam who lives in the states with her family and all she wants to do is fit in with friends and she dismisses her heritage. However when her estranged best friend shows up carrying a jar, Sam finds herself having to remember her culture in order to help her former friend contend with what is Inside the jar.

So yes its cool to see the differences in culture and the evils they face. But as the movie progresses, it’s definitely going to have a familiarity to the audience. It’s essentially almost a rehash of the same things we seen happen in The Boogeyman. Both films feature a creature that is unseen except in very dark spaces. The only difference is in this film the creature feeds on negative feelings like despair instead of feeding on fear.
There’s a deeper meaning in this film of not forgetting where you came from. It’s easy to understand why Sam wants to fit in with being a foreigner and her culture is not understood. Why she distanced herself from her family and her best friend. But as she learns, she can’t escape her heritage.

There’s not many kills that happen, in fact one character gets dispatched off screen. There are some creepy moments that you see. However when you finally see the thing that’s been the cause of everything, rendered in CGI mind you, it’s kind of a letdown. I’m not just saying that due to the fact they used CGI, in fact if it’s used well, then it can make impactful moments. And that’s what I am saying here that the way it was used didn’t really have an impact. It was carbon copy the same situation when it came to the creature reveal in The Boogeyman.

So yeah I’ll just say this film was okay. It didn’t impress me much. It’s currently streaming on Hulu if you want to see it, but don’t rush to do so.

If you already seen It Lives Inside let me know what you thought of it in the comments below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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