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The Fear Street Trilogy(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

When I was a teenager, my first introduction to horror was R.L. Stine and his Fear Street novels. You had slashers, supernatural, etc, and I gobbled those books up like candy. When they announced a series of movies based on Fear Street. naturally I was intrigued. We got three separate movies all based in the same universe, and after seeing all three, I was pleased with the outcome. Let’s take a look at all three shall we?

Fear Street Part One: 1994
This one inundates you with references from the 90s, and has the best soundtrack out of all three. The premise sets the stage of a group of teens dealing with the curse of a witch named Sarah Fier. Said curse involves enslaving people and using them to kill in her name. We also learn of a heated rivalry between the towns of Shadyside and Sunnyvale. The rest of the movie follows the teens as they are attempting to flee the killers and it ends with them finding a survivor.

Feat Street Part Two: 1978
The second movie is the survivor from the first one telling the story of her experience with the witch Sarah Fier at Camp Redwood. We get a lot of exposition in this one, and this movie has strong Friday the 13th vibes. We find out at the end the survivor is not who we are told she is, and as they try to end the curse, one of the girls has a vision of the past.

Fear Street Part Three: 1666
The last movie gives us a look at the backstory of Sarah Fier as we find out who she is and why she cursed everyone. There is a twist involved that was very well done. Also, this is the goriest film out of all three, which I loved. The movie ends with the curse being ended but even though things look brighter, there is still the darkness that lingers.

There’s been talks of having a horror cinematic universe because of the success of the Fear Street Trilogy, and I am all for that. We were denied that previously when they tried doing that with the Universal Monsters, and the reboot of The Mummy ended up being a spectacular failure. So it would be cool to see them try again in a different universe. As a whole, I enjoyed all three movies, and it reminded me of the books I read as a teen. The different killers were pretty cool, and the plot between all three was very engrossing. I definitely would want to see more of this.

If you enjoyed the Fear Street books, then you will love this trilogy. Horror fans will certainly enjoy plus there are some horror related easter eggs as well. All three parts are currently available on Netflix if you want to check it out. If you already seen The Fear Street Trilogy, feel free to give your thoughts below.

Till next time, stay scared!
– Tha Thrilla –

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