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False Positive(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

False Positive is a movie that plays on a couple of fears that most people have. What if I am not able to conceive? Or if I am able to conceive, what if something happens to the baby? I seen articles that compare this movie to Rosemary’s Baby, which to be fair, I can see that a little bit, but this is something more. Rosemary’s Baby had more religious implications where False Positive has something more egregious.

The plot is about a couple who are unable to conceive naturally so they seek help from a reknown fertility doctor and friend. It is a huge success but the wife Lucy can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong about the whole situation.

She has every right to feel that way as the doctor is smarmy and smirking from the moment she first meets him. The alarm bells started going off the moment he states about cloning himself if he could. The procedure causes her to be pregnant with triplets, two boys and a girl. But the doctor tells her she is more at risk and had to decide which baby to have. Lucy chooses the girl as that was always her dream, but hush tones between the husband and doctor make you feel suspicious as heck. The rest of the film is spent with everyone gaslighting her, saying her fears are the result of Mommy brain. Meanwhile there is something deeper going on.

When the shoe drops, Lucy understandably reacts in a way we expect. She ends the movie covered in blood as she takes revenge against those who wronged her, especially the doctor who gloated and deceived her the whole time.
This is an intelligent horror movie worth investing your time in. You will be cheering in the end as everyone gets their just desserts, though you will sympathize with Lucy as she suffers a psychotic break as a result of everything she had been through. If you already seen False Positive, feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, stay scared!!
-Tha Thrilla-

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