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For those who thought Saltburn was shocking. there was a movie that came out before that saying hold my beer. Society makes that film look like ants in a picnic.

The story in this one is about a young man named Billy Warlock(how’s that for a name) who feels very different than his family and he’s about the find out just how different they are.

This is also about the strangeness of social class and those who have taking from those who have not. Giving a whole new meaning of feeding off those considered to be of lower stature. Billy is the only one who notices something is very wrong here. He sees and hears some very disgusting things and well hate to tell you that’s nothing compared to what to come.

The body horror that exists in this film reaches extreme levels. This film will totally redefine the word butt head for you. But then to top everything off in all its gross glory, we then come to that scene. That scene. You know all know it as it’s the one most talked about. The shunting.

Before when I first saw this film, my brain was unspoiled by even knowing what shunting could mean. I thought it was just a medical term. And then I learned. Oh boy did I learn.

The great Brian Yuzna had his hand in the effects in Society and he is a master of helping make things look gross and oozing with slime and other fluids. If you have a weak stomach, I would avoid eating before watching this one.
Despite all of that, this is a classic 90s horror. It’s a cult classic and if there’s one thing that will always be remembered about it, it will be the shunting scene. If you decide to brave its depraved halls, it is currently streaming on Screambox.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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