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Stomping in the Graveyard with GALVANIC

The always enigmatic Silhouette Death is looking to provide a rave from beyond the grave with his newest album GALVANIC. Containing 13 tracks, this album gives you that spooky EDM flavor which I definitely appreciate. Each track differs from each other containing a mix of dark ambient sounds, haunting keyboards, and a bit of goth influence as well. Meanwhile the pulse pounding bass guiding each track will guarantee to get you hype and dancing.

My favorite songs were Catacomb Grounds, Disassociation, The Night, and Oasis. I dug the album as a whole and if you are fan of EDM or goth music then I recommend giving it a listen below:

If you are looking for a copy, you are in luck as there is an exclusive bundle available which includes digital album with some merch. You can grab that here. You can purchase the album separately at this link as well.

You can check out more from Silhouette Death via Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, and Instagram

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