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As technology evolves, horror movies evolve right with it. This wouldn’t be the first time we seen found footage horror in a livestreaming format. #ChadGetsTheAxe is just not as effective, I mean it tries but it just ends up leaving you annoyed.

So the plot sees 4 livestreamers team up to investigate a trip to Devil Manor, home to a former Satanic cult. They find the house is still occupied and have to figure out a way to escape and keep the views growing.
So yeah we are following these people doing annoying things just to get more views. They pretty much cause themselves to become victims of whoever still resides in the manor. They atagnonize it to make things worse. So when things start kicking off, it’s hard to feel bad because they brought it on themselves.

Even the cops or the viewers of the stream are no help. They think everything they are seeing is not real that it’s some elaborate prank. People die in front of them and literally everyone think it’s a joke.

And maybe that’s the message this movie was trying to tell us is the dangers of being a social influencer and how people don’t see them as a person. They are just fodder for entertainment and by the end we see once the action ends, so does the views.

There was films that did this concept better such as Unfriended and Deadstream. There’s maybe one shocking scene on this movie but otherwise you are mostly watching to see if you notice anything happening. I was curious to see if any cult members were commenting in the live stream. The four characters were just annoying and yeah the title is a spoiler as to what happens. I wasn’t impressed by this one but maybe someone else will find it to their liking.

It is currently streaming on Shudder if you want to check it out. If you already seen #ChadGetsTheAxe, what was your take on it? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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