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We got a bit of different one here from Unearthed Films, it isn’t horror but it is horror adjacent. Besides who doesn’t love movies about gangsters? Subarra will satisfy your appetite in that regard and will finally be able to be viewed in America.

This is an Italian film about a gangster who wants to establish a new Las Vegas in Rome. The mob bosses originally help in this endeavor but before you know it, everyone turns against each other and it becomes all out war.

The events take place within a span of days as we witness an idyllic situation that starts to slowly erode from within. People get greedy, extend their reach too far, and eventually you know the powderkeg will explode.This film does well in building up the tension while you wait for the explosion to happen. The score is pretty epic as well giving emotional weight to some of the scenes that happen.

Even with the gang on gang violence that happens, this is the tamest film that would exist in the Unearthed catalog. The film ends on a somber note with rain storm and people getting their just desserts. All in all, this was a really engrossing watch and I enjoyed myself. It’s universe got expanded upon with an series on Netflix called Subarra: Blood on Rome which was highly successful and ran for three seasons. The series is currently still available to be watched if you want a taste of what the film will be like
Subarra will be released via Unearthed Films on September 26th, and it is available for pre-order at the link below. If you enjoyed The Godfather, then you will want to add Subarra to your collection!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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