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The Hellfreaks-Weeping Willow

I still find myself discovering music that really fits my taste and has an emotional impact. I recently found a band called The Hellfreaks, a band from Hungary whose music style is a mix of metal and post hardcore. It was their single “Weeping Willow” that drew me to them, so let’s take a look at that.

The way this one starts out with the seductive vocals from the lead singer, with a synth background is such a vibe. The tempo gives a song a gentle yet sinister vibe. You can just tell it is going to explode, and finally towards the end it roars to life with loud guitars, blast beats, and roaring vocals. Another reason this fits so well is that the video which was released by Napalm Records has a definite horror influence with its presentation. What we see is what seems to be a woman being seduced by a mysterious masked figure before he attempts to drown her, She rises back, covered in blood, and on a warpath for revenge. The themes of the video and song itself suggest being reborn through death. That could be literal death or even metaphorically, but rising up from that like a phoenix, burning everything that sought to destroy us.

This song is really up my alley and I feel many will enjoy it the same way I did. The single comes off their latest album Pitch Black Sunset which can be purchased here.

You can check out more from The Hellfreaks via their official website, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and Instagram!

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