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The Cursed(2021)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Silly humans, always messing with things we shouldn’t be and getting ourselves cursed. That is the premise behind the period piece horror called The Cursed. The plot is set in a village in 19th century France that has been plagued by supernatural events and unexplained disappearances. A pathologist is sent and decides to investigate. only

The Cursed(2021)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday] Read More »

Deepstar Six(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

The sea can be a dangerous place, containing unknown creatures and undiscovered caverns. Deepstar Six is an underwater horror about close encounters of the aquatic kind. The plot is about the crew of the vessel Deepstar Six who inadvertently awaken an unknown creature during their exploration mission. When the creature initially awakens, we don’t see

Deepstar Six(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday] Read More »

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