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The Boogens(1981)(Review)

You guys ever have friends in grade school who would shout something silly at you while you drank your milk to try to make you choke/snort it up? You know.. diarrhea dinosaur? Well, this film’s title does that to me. This is a film that I was completely unaware of until I watched the ‘In Search of Darkness’ trilogy. The title made me laugh, and it was described as a solid creature feature, so I was excited to purchase a copy during the current Kino Lorber sale. All in all – it delivered.

‘The Boogens’ tells the story of an old mine that closed in the early 1900s after a collapse that trapped many workers inside. So when a small team of workers decide to re-open it, they are completely unaware that there is a monster living inside. It picks off the workers and their lovers one at a time as the mystery is slowly revealed.

The monster itself is super interesting and pretty cute. The way it poses a threat to the people is a bit unpredictable as it works as a sort of hybrid of a few different animals. The puppetry is fantastic, the set design is atmospheric, the music is classic 80s horror, and it’s a tightly-woven 90 minute journey.

If you’re looking for a simple, classic monster formula then this is a great candidate. It certainly doesn’t break the mold or really tread on new turf, but it doesn’t offend anything either.

Oh, except the dog dies. Heads up on that one.


‘Til Next Time,
Mike Cleopatra

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