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A Creature Was Stirring(Happy Horrordays #20)(Review)

Just recently, a holiday creature feature A Creature Was Stirring was released and it really delivers on what you expect. Maybe too well. But just like the creatures in the film, this one has a bite to it.
The story sees a mother Faith who has to keep her daughter Charm on a strict regiment of drugs to combat a strange affliction. When their home is invaded by a couple of strangers during Christmas, dark secrets are unleashed that will see everyone battling something very unexpected.

So the names of the mother and daughter are maybe a bit too on the nose. Other than that, the film plays out as the standard creature film. When the creature is revealed, it looks absolutely horrifying and otherworldly. It was all done with practical effects and it just looks great. It will remind you of Critters in a way. Completely out of nowhere, there’s a bit featuring The Green Lantern that had me laughing my ass off with how ridiculous it was. I guess the movie needed some levity because it plays its subject seriously but it’s almost enough to take the viewer out of the experience.

The small cast play off each other well with most of them being from other horror movies. There’s no real hero in this scenario as each character has faults. Even though they think they have the best intentions, nothing they do really helps. It just makes the situation worse. There are some goopy body horror moments and tense situations that happen. And as it goes, the movie seemingly ends on a happier note.

Or so you would think. Thats when the true ending comes in and hits you like a freight train. It’s very dark and foreboding, and I needed to sit in silence as I processed it.

Deep down, this movie is exploring addiction and just how horrible that can be. It can turn people into monsters even worse than the creatures we see in this. What worse is when it involves someone close who is harming those who rely on them with complete trust and care.

In all, this was a very fun holiday horror but just be warned it goes very dark paths in the end. I enjoyed it, I loved the effects, and I would recommend checking it out if you are seeking new and different Christmas related horror films. It is currently available to rent via Vudu or Amazon Prime.

If you already seen A Creature Was Stirring, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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