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I stumbled upon an unknown movie known as Solstice which is an American remake of movie called Midsommar. Not that Midsommar but one by that name made in 2003. I can understand why this one floundered on the relatively known scale. It was pretty subpar which was disappointing because this was the same director who gave us Blair Witch.
Daniel Myrick. So I guess lightning didn’t strike twice here.

The story sees a girl who is coping with the loss of her twin sister to suicide and she decides to go with a group of friends on a vacation. She then becomes convinced her dead sister is trying to contact her from the beyond and is drawn in as a mystery unravels as to the explanations behind her sister’s death.

So yeah we get our group of young adults, and everyone is having fun. However her sister starts having visions she can’t explain. And we see scenes of the past that led up to the sister committing the act and who found her afterward.

And it became obvious that there was someone who was looking very sus. Yeah I’m looking at you character played by Shawn Ashmore! Keep an eye on him is all I’m going to say.

Sure it had its spooky moments but nothing really that would shock you. They were trying to weave a magical element in there but then it became more of a psychological thriller. But definitely supernatural especially with how things end at the end. Oh and stay tuned for an unexpected cameo.

If you want to check it for yourself it is currently streaming on Tubi. I thought it was pretty average but maybe you will have a different take on it.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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