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The Bell Witch Haunting(Review)

After the success of Paranormal Activity, it had others trying to replicate the same formula, and The Bell Witch Haunting was one of those that attempted to do that.

This is a found footage horror about a family who experiences paranormal visitations from the infamous Bell Witch.
Much of the footage we see is from a teen boy recording on his new camera as well as body cam footage from police investigations. There’s continuity errors, and for a movie trying to immerse us in the terror this family feels, it gets downright goofy at times. For example, the family experiences electrical issues so they call an electrician out. Suddenly he starts getting electrocuted but at first it sounds like a prank until you realize that no its actually happening.

The family, the parents especially make a whole lot of dumb decisions. For example, it takes an hour into the film for them to finally decide hey maybe we should think about leaving. This is after the father ended being possessed btw. Some of the ways they react to things doesn’t make much sense either. Maybe it was the acting that was issue but they just came off as being very stiff.

The effects are really great here with camera glitches and creating the atmosphere necessary for some pretty creepy moments. It’s ending gets pretty bonkers to say the least. This was a decent found footage horror that is not without its faults but it’s entertaining at least. If you want to see it for yourself, it us currently streaming on Tubi.

Till next time. stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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