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The House(2022)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesday]

Long ago, a crazy artist designed a house that would never finish construction. Very much like the infamous Winchester house, it began to fill up with ethereal voices and personalities that would soon be too strong to ignore. The madness that permeates its walls would continue to leak out for generations.

“The House” is a stop motion animated anthology film with a real dark tone. Told through three separate stories at three different time lines, all the tales revolve around poor families in a place that’s too big for them.

The very first story has to do with a family selling a neighboring House and having to move into this one, only to grow mad with trying to constantly add to the house. The second deals with a mouse contractor who buys and develops the house in hopes of selling it, but soon attracts squatters with an agenda. And the third deals with a cat landlord who is having trouble keeping tenants during a waterlogged apocalypse.

While not exactly a horror film, this movie is very dark with some splashes of Lynchian madness and adorable but creepy characters. The animation style is great and the voice acting is very well suited including the likes of celebrities such as Helena Bonham Carter. And the craftsmanship that went into the art production of the sets, characters, otherworldly ongoing, it’s just a marvel to watch.

If you are looking for something fun and creepy, this is a great choice. It’s something you don’t see well done that often, but this is a great attempt. While the last story isn’t really as dark as the others, the first two are genuinely creepy and trippy.

“The House” is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Mike Cleopatra

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