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The Night House(2020)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesdays]

Director David Bruckner has shown a lot of creative approaches to the horror genre in the short amount of time that he’s been circulating. He mostly began to see success with his contributions to the V/H/S series, as well as the Netflix original “The Ritual”. Now, he provides for us his newest entry, “The Night House”, which has finally been released after almost a years worth of delays.

When her husband suddenly and tragically dies, Beth (Rebecca Hall) tries to find peace while simultaneously stumbling across his dark secrets. The movie is essentially a ghost film, but it hits in such an emotional and haunting way that it stands apart from other fare such as ‘The Conjuring’ or ‘Insidious’. Instead, we go on a journey of identity discovery, occultism, parallel universes, and much much more.

The director has found an almost new (and very creative) way to show the ghost(s) in this, and it is haunting and will stick with you. Rebecca Hall does a fantastic job serving as the lead whose basically on screen for the entire film. She is able to provide a rollercoaster of emotions while entirely feeling justified.

This movie took a while to see the light of day, and it was well worth the wait. I’m interested in anything this director can cook up, and this one delivered on many levels – including the ones that creep into your thoughts randomly over the next week or so. Certainly a slow burn, but never boring. Constantly evolving into a piece full of heart, grief, and the terrors of what lies beyond.

A strong 4/5
‘The Night House’ is currently available on VOD services & Blu-Ray/DVD.

‘Til Next Time,
Mike Cleopatra

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