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The Outlast Trials(2024)(Review)

Outlast’ has been a fascinating video game series for years. As a survival horror experience, you essentially serve as a random person in a dark place (typically an insane asylum or a cursed village) armed with only a video camera with night vision. The games involved puzzle solving to progress through a massive level while running & hiding from enemies whom you are unarmed against. Just last week, Red Barrel Studios has brought us their 3rd entry in the series titled, ‘The Outlast Trials’.

As a whole, the game functions the same as the previous entries. The main difference this time however is that it is mostly focused on co-op action. You and up to 3 teammates are dropped onto a level (at the same point) and given the same goal to reach together – the addition of teammates allows an opportunity for distractions, splitting up to find clues & keys, and so much more. It adds an entirely new element to the Outlast formula that makes it feel modern and fresh while still being true to it’s roots.

The games are set up interestingly – you are a volunteer prisoner (basically) who lives in a facility that will treat you and take care of you (and assuring you what’s wrong with you), and you have a cell. You design the cell to your liking – unlocking new wallpapers and props as you play – and hang out in a living room where you can meet random online players, play chess and arm wrestle to pass time, upgrade traits and perks, and wait for someone to engage a match – where you then have the choice to join them, or wait for the next train.

It’s a lot of fun that involves constantly hiding in the shadows, hiding in lockers, avoiding noise traps, and unlocking doors while big baddies (and some smaller ones) hunt you down Nemesis style and thwart your efforts. It’s a slower-paced (but intense) formula of something slightly similar to The Texas Chainsaw game or Dead By Deadlight – with tweaks to keep it in a league of its own. It’s hyper violent and gorey, disturbing, dark, adrenaline pumping, and challenging with its own set of rewards.

If you’re looking for an intense experience you can share online with friends, this is a blast to play. If you’re more into a shoot’em-up experience, then this one will not work for you.

“The Outlast Trials” is now available on all current gen Xbox & Playstation consoles, as well as Microsoft Windows.

‘Til Next Time,
Mike Cleopatra

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