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Transylvania 6-5000(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

There are those horror comedies that are just so out there where you just have to throw logic out the window and just enjoy the ride. Transylvania 6-5000 is an example of one of these movies.

The plot follows two reporters are tasked to travel to Transylvania and investigate cases of the appearance of Frankenstein’s Monster. Instead they find new love, a werewolf, a horny vampiress, and a deranged scientist.
This comes from a time when movies had intelligent humor, where it wasn’t all gimmicks. The scenes were Michael Richards shows up(who is better known as Kramer from Seinfeld) were hilarious as you didn’t know what wacky thing he would be doing next. Geena Davis and Jeffrey Jones also make appearances who both would go on to reunite in Beetlejuice. Jeff Goldblum also appears, and he would reunite with Geena Davis to star in the Fly. Lot of star power in this movie, and it all comes together to make a film that keeps you giggling.

As the reporters get themselves in one mess after another and meet all the infamous monsters, they eventually find their story, and it’s more than they expected. In the end, everything works out and we are left with a wholesome movie that everyone can enjoy.

A fun movie I enjoy time and time again, especially around Halloween, and since Friday the 13th is tomorrow, I figured this would be the perfect time to talk about it. It is currently streaming on Amazon Prime if you want to revisit it or check it out for the first time.

Till next time, stay scared!!
-Tha Thrilla –

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