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Sometimes paths are just not meant to be discovered. Yellowbrickroad is a film that explores that with as the title suggests references to The Wizard of Oz as well.

The story is about how in the 1940s, all the citizens of a small town suddenly all disappear in a nearby forest or were found brutally massacred. Fast forward to a group who decides to investigate what happened and get more than what they are bargained for as they retrace the path that was the cause of the mysterious circumstances.
It doesn’t take long before things start getting weird the further the group goes on the path. Music starts to play that gets to deafening levels. The people in the group start to feel disoriented and confused. Their GPS shows locations that make no sense.

Then one of the members of the group brutally murders someone then takes off with most of their supplies. Things break down even more as a couple consume poisonous berries that causes them to wildly hallucinate. One by one, each of the group members experience a grisly fate. Until there is only one left to make it to the end of a journey that doesn’t seem to end.

We don’t get any explanation why this is happening which isn’t a bad thing, I like it was left up to mystery. And the ending does not make much sense either. So the viewers are left just as disoriented as the characters of the film.

This film is just plain weird and depending on your mileage when it comes to bizarre movies will determine whether you like it or not. It kept me invested to seeing where it would go and there are some gruesome moments involved. If you decided to see it for yourself, it is currently streaming on Tubi.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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