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I am such a sucker for dinosaurs and if you are throwing space exploration in there too, then that’s a slam dunk. We have the film 65(2023) where Kylo Ren gets stuck on a planet of dinosaurs.

The plot sees an astronaut that is on a routine mission and the ship gets hit by an asteroid, causing him to crash land on a mysterious planet. What he doesn’t know is he is on Earth 65 million years ago. As he deals with threats of the dinosaurs, he partners with the only other survivor who is a young girl, as they desperately try to survive long enough to make it home.

So more scif-fi but there are horror elements too as far as the dinosaurs are concerned. All done by CGI, but very detailed. The mismatched survivors realize if they want to live, they will have to work together. To them, this is a planet alien to them. They see the dinosaurs as alien creatures. So it’s about adapt and survival. Then are definite moments of tension. Light gore. And of course a T-Rex, if you have a dino movie, can’t go without that.

I enjoyed this one, Adam Driver portrayed his character well, and there were moments of levity between him and his young costar. You will have to wait for the nail-biting conclusion to see if they are able to go back home. This is currently streaming on Netflix if you choose to check it out. I would recommend especially if you are into films like Lost World and not the Jurassic Park one. Though Jurassicmaniacs will eat this one up to.

If you already seen 65, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
– Tha Thrilla-

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