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Alone in the Dark(1982)(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Psycho killers on a rampage, sounds like a fun time! That is the premiere of the film Alone In The Dark made in 1982, and no relation to the video game.

The plot is about a group of mentally disturbed individuals who escape a mental hospital during a power outage and target their new psychiatrist who they believe killed their old psychiatrist.

This ends up being a very tense film as we are dealing with people who cannot be reasoned with. They are single minded in their mission and nothing will sway them from what they are set out to do. The psychiatrist family is in danger as well as well as anyone who associates with them. Even people who have been kind to the group, including a doctor played by Donald Pleasence is not safe.

We think we are safe within our home but in this film, not even home is safe as the individuals infiltrate and terrorize everyone within. I loved the little reference to Friday the 13th when one of them dons a hockey mask when the chaos initially unfolds due to the power outage.

You will be hoping for everyone’s safety by the end which pushes the family to do whatever they need to do to survive. One of the killers is forced to see reason and he can’t even deal, so he decides to go to a club where a punk band is playing and the ending shot leaves things very open ended.

A very tightly paced film, and something horror fans should enjoy. I never heard of it before, so I watched it on a whim, and found it very good. It is currently streaming on Shudder if you want to check it out.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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