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Bird Box Barcelona(Review)

The first Bird Box was an instant success. The spinoff known as Bird Box Barcelona I can fairly say did not have the same impact. It was nice getting a different perspective and new ideas got implemented, but this one really didn’t hit the mark as well.

The plot is more so a side story where we mostly follow the phenomenon from the first film where mysterious creatures invade, driving everyone to either suicide or madness. The ones who are driven to madness are called Seers, and we watch as one of them goes through trying to survive but also trying to get others to see the light.
This particular story has an emphasis on faith and misplaced faith at that. So people who were religious at the time the creatures showed themselves were driven mad and now see the creatures as dieties. When they come across others, they see it as saving people, and will do anything to get people to open their eyes at times, even if that means infiltrating their ranks.

The protagonist is both sympathetic but unsympathetic at the same time. Once you understand why he is doing what he is doing, you can empathize with his plight. But knowing what he does causes people to die, that is where you may not like him much. We get backstories that lead up to his journey. The action sequences are pretty exciting. When the creatures are present, those are more visual as well. We still aren’t shown what these entities are exactly except they can take the shape of those near and dear to a particular person.

But this still wasn’t as good and there were moments were the film dragged a bit. Maybe because there were some things that got rehashed and honestly it felt like a rehash of what the first film already did except in a different country and language. Then comes the twist ending that leaves you very unsatisfied because that’s when the film really started getting interesting. Very much a cliff hanger that’s for sure. Maybe that means more spinoff or a full on sequel to come.

If you’re still interested enough to give it a shot, this movie is currently streaming on Netflix

If you already seen Bird Box Barcelona, feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, stay scared!!
-Tha Thrilla-

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