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Chucky(2021)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

When the news broke about the return of Chucky in a new TV series, fans were ecstatic, especially when they learned it would be a followup to the storyline from Cult of Chucky. It is easy to see why it was a hit for fans old and new once you watch it.

The series is about Chucky’s return to his hometown of Hackensack, and getting a new protégé named Jake. Jake is an outcast so it is easy to understand the allure of having a friend to the end despite Chucky’s murderous ways. When things get too far, it is up to Jake and his companions to try to stop Chucky as the body count rises.

Brad Dourif returns as the voice of Chucky, as well as Jennifer Tilly coming back as Tiffany. Everything is done with practical effects so no weird CGI when it comes to the Chucky doll. We get an origin story of how Charles Lee Ray became a serial killer, and the clever thing they did with that is instead of de-aging techniques, they had his daughter Fiona portray the role instead. She played the part so well that it was spooky. They also made the smart decision of letting franchise creator Don Mancini produce the series and giving him free reign to take his vision where he wanted it to go.

I enjoyed the series, and seeing different easter eggs as well as references to past entries in the Child’s Play franchise had me smiling like a fool. It was thrilling to watch as Chucky executed his master plan, and the kills were just as inventive as ever. It even left the door open for future series, so it was no surprise that season 2 has already been greenlit.

If you haven’t seen the Chucky TV series, you absolutely need to. It is currently available on Peacock if you want to binge the first season. If you already seen it, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla –

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