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Evil Dead The Game(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

This is a game I been looking forward to playing ever since it was announced, and after playing it, it was everything I hoped it would be.

It is an asymmetrical multi-player along the lines of Dead By Daylight as four players control the survivors and one player gets to control the Kandarian Demon. The survivors are every iteration of Ash from the Evil Dead franchise including the TV show as well as his supporting characters such as King Arthur and Henry the Red. The demons include Henrietta, Evil Ash, and the demon Eligos.

As the survivors, your goal is to collect 3 map pieces, then collect the pages of the Necronomicon, and Kandarian dagger. Once you get those, you must defeat the Dark Ones and then protect the Necronomicon from being attacked. The goal of the Kandarian Demon is to stop the survivors from accomplishing this goal, and they can do so by setting traps and summoning beasties to stop our heroes in their tracks. Once the Demon is powerful enough, it can summon a boss character to really make your opponents have a bad day.

You get different game modes to play, including the ability to have AI-controlled players which I would not recommend. You can unlock other characters by completing extremely difficult single player missions. I will warn you that missions are very unforgiving and will expect you to play as your best.

As a whole, this game is bloody and fantastic featuring lore from the Evil Dead as well as Bruce Campbell reprising his role of Ash. Though I’m surprised they did not include any content from the 2013 reboot of Evil Dead, but maybe they will in DLC content to come. My only gripe is as a survivor, the difficulty seems unbalanced as you can become easily overwhelmed by the enemies. You really have to be on your toes especially when your fear level gets high,leaving you vulnerable to be possessed at any time. Being possessed can cost you precious health and ammo.

I give Evil Dead the Game my highest recommendation. It is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X and Series S. If you already played it, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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