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We seen this story before, lonely nerd gets bullied and turns to dark forces to help him get revenge. But you haven’t seen it with a young Clint Howard in a main role. Evilspeak is such a film, and let me tell you it’s definitely something to behold.

The plot takes place at a military academy and we watch as Clint Howard’s character is endlessly bullied by his classmates and even his instructors. One day, he finds a book full of incantations and uses a computer to help translate it. What he discovers is power beyond his wildest dreams that invite demonic forces in his life via the computer.

As you watch the film, everyone except Clint’s character is the absolute worse and you will find yourself waiting for them to get the punishment they deserve. That takes awhile for that to happen and there’s a scene involving a dog that will be hard to stomach. However that is the catalyst that finally causes the powderkeg to explode, and boy does it explode.

The ending scenes is where the movie really springs into life and it gets really bonkers. It gets bloody, it gets brutal, and it caused the film to be labeled as a video nasty due to the gore and satanic themes. And the way it ends tease a continuation, however that never came to pass.

If you like 80s horror involving demons, then you will definitely enjoy this one. The effects aren’t bad, and though it gets hokey with the satanic bit at times, it’s still an enjoyable ride. You can find Evilspeak streaming on Shudder if you haven’t seen it, and I would recommend taking the plunge.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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