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Fall(2022)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesday]

“Fall” was a surprisingly big hit that came out near the end of the summer. A year after experiencing a traumatic, life-shattering event with her best friend Shiloh, Becky is re-approached by her friend after not really seeing each other since the incident, and she tries to get her to leave her reclusive home and get back on the road to normalcy. The idea? To embrace their adrenaline-chasing high-climbing adventures (where the original traumatic experience took place) and basically spit in the face of Fear. But as the trailers & posters clearly suggest, something just doesn’t go right, and we end up in an agoraphobic tale of survival.

It feels very much like “The Descent” meets “127 Hours”, but set high in the sky. Mostly leaning on the latter with the set up and plot, but borrowing heavily on the former for its story line, female-oriented leading roles, and the sense of chasing the ‘next big catch.’ There’s absolutely no surprise as to what the main story is about – where these two women are stuck on top of an old radio tower that is 2,000 feet tall. Where the surprises come from is how they attempt to make their way down and get help. It utilizes some of the generic tropes for a bit, but does have the gall to attempt some new ideas and directions that make it exciting. It has a rather bizarre ending, which may possibly make-or-break the experience for you, but I personally thought it was clever. Even with everything seeming to be set out on the table for you, it still has ways to surprise and throw you aside – even having one big moment that I had to rewind because I couldn’t believe what had just happened.

The two leads feel like real people and friends – one is reclusive and coping with trauma, the other has since become an online personality for adrenaline fueled chases while posting an over-the-top appearance to get followers. All of this comes into play for the meat of the set up, and there’s even some revelations that occur that ignite the grueling tension and drama that you can slowly feel simmering near the beginning.

Again, this is a movie where the main plot has absolutely no surprises – just looking at the poster tells you exactly what you’re in for. But the fun comes from the journey of trying to get out of that situation, and it’s a journey that is absolutely engaging and exciting in a way that I was not expecting. Filmed in a way that triggers vertigo and anxiety just by watching on a big TV screen, it has enough thrown into it to justify a watch for any fan of survival tales – whether they be horror in nature, or not.

Drink plenty of water. You’re gonna need it.

“Fall” is currently available on VOD through Vudu, Apple TV, & Amazon Prime.

‘Til Next Time,
Mike Cleopatra

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