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Frailty(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

I really come to appreciate those horrors that are grounded in the reality of the scary situations dealing with screwed up families. Frailty is an example of that, with a religious twist added in for good measure. It really shows you how bad things can get, and the mental effects that can have on everyone involved.

The plot is about a father and two sons, and one day the father starts having visions from God and believes he and his family are being sent on a divine mission to destroy demons. The older son is skeptical especially when it comes to the “demons” being chosen to be destroyed. He tries to fight back, but struggles because it is his Dad after all, and he loves him. Even though in his eyes, his father has lost touch with all reality, he can’t bring himself to do what needs to be done. Not until it is too late.

This is a movie that is creepy for whole other reasons, such as the fact as showing the lengths someone who will go to in the name of faith. It also shows the suffering the older son goes through due to his non belief. Though if the viewer is left skeptical as well and ready to dismiss it all as just madness, there are somethings that lead some credibility to what the father believed in. Such as the identity of the “demons” and why they were chosen.
We follow everything as it is being told by a very unreliable narrator who is telling his tale to a FBI agent. It is one of the sons grown up telling everything that happened to him as a result of his father’s mad beliefs, and not even the ending makes it clear which son it is. All we know is he is continuing his father’s vision of destroying demons.

This is a movie I enjoy because it makes you think and even though you think everything will be explained away as just religious madness, there are some things that happen that cannot be explained. It’s an underappreciated and under-rated movie, and very much worth watching if you have yet to do so

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla –

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