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Lake Mungo(Review)

I already touched on how horror movies use grief as a framing device to great effect in creating terrifying moments. When I heard about how unsettling Lake Mungo was, I had to see for myself. And yeah this is a very rough one.

The plot is about a young girl named Alice who ends up going missing and her body is found in a lake. Her family is left trying to find out the circumstances of her disappearance and also experience hauntings that lead them to think she is one behind them happening.

This is an Australian found footage film displayed as a faux documentary. We see interviews with the family as they try to figure out why everything happened. This is where it gets heavy because this family is unable to accept the fact their daughter would be gone just like that. So yes, they are haunted because they want to believe she is still around.

Then the story takes a turn when they find out their daughter has kept a terrible secret from them, and this could have led to her death. But it gets even deeper when her cellphone is discovered and there is footage on there that’s really going to raise a lot of discussion. There’s not a whole lot that gets answered even in the reveal at the end.

I can understand the dread and terror this film brings because it’s about being confronted with mortality. And not having all the answers as to how or why such a tragic event happened. The presentation of this story was what it needed to be. There’s much you will have to look at beyond what you are seeing in front of you.

I will go to say this film will mess you up if you aren’t totally prepared for it. It may even have you checking on your loved ones afterwards If you are interested, it is currently streaming on Shudder.

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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