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Nope(2022)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday)

There’s much mystery surrounding the newest offering from Jordan Peele known as Nope. It works out in that way to help build up the anticipation, and we know there will be some kind of subtext within the film. Exactly what is this all about? I’m here to hopefully unravel the mystery a bit.

After an unexpected yet brutal opening scene, the film is a story of horse ranchers who discover a mysterious phenomenon taking place at their farm. They aim to provide documented proof of the events to hopefully help their ailing business. What follows is something no one expects.

Right away, the movie uses audio queues to build up the mystery of what is happening. There are things happening visually as well bit the sound design is really where it is at. It has you at the edge of your seat anticipating what is going to happen.

As with any Jordan Peele film, there is a subtle meaning being this movie, and it won’t be hard to figure out what he is trying to say in this one. I will say the reveal presented something quite different. I love when horror movies gives us something we have not seen before. Most of all, it builds up for the terrors to come.

I am being cryptic for a reason as I do not want to spoil the surprise. I went into just based on the information from the trailers, and let’s say what I saw was pretty mind-blowing. The ending leaves our characters hopeful for the future as their lives will forever be changed by the moments they experienced.

I become a big fan of Jordan Peele since he released Get Out, and Nope continues to show his potential and hunger for telling engrossing horror movies. He uses fictional monsters as a cover to reveal the monsters that humans can be towards their fellow people. Just because of gender or race, we can be just awful towards each other. And if you are in the entertainment business, that issue worsens. This is a great film with lots to tell, and I highly recommend seeing it.

The film is currently playing in theaters if you decide to check it out. If you already seen Nope, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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