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Only Lovers Left Alive(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

I think the one thing I can’t recall seeing before in vampire movies is what the experience of being a vampire is actually like. Such as their daily living and how they fit in with modern society. As it turns out in Only Lovers Left Alive, being a vampire can be downright exhausting.

The plot sees centuries old vampires who are married yet living a part from another. They decide to reunite as they go on a journey to figure out their place in the world.

The male vampire who is played by Tom Hiddleston is so disenfranchised with modern society that he won’t feed on anyone for fear of contamination. He refers to humans as zombies and even invents his own power source. He does have a very nice collection of guitars however.

The romance between the two is torrid and both compliment each other very well. Then the sister of the wife comes to visit and everything turns into hell. Before they know it, a body turns up, and they end up escaping to France to avoid suspicion.

Hungry and weak, they are just about to lose hope until a moment appears that offers salvation they are needing. Sometimes a vampire has to do what a vampire had to do, but at least they are polite about it.

I definitely enjoyed this film, it’s a slow burn but it’s just gives you an inside look at a life of a vampire. It’s not violent at all. The cinematography is wonderful and the soundtrack is pretty amazing as well. Definitely adds more to the vampire conversation. It is currently streaming on HBOMAX if you decide to look into it.

If you already seen Only Lovers Left Alive, feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, stay scared!
-Tha Thrilla-

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