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Overnight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Side B: Moon

Today features the official release from Solunar Records of the Overnight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Side B: Moon. As the moon represents the night, you would expect a darker side as opposed to what we got with Side A: Sun. It’s a bit of that but much more eclectic.

Featuring 11 tracks, this album doesn’t hesitate in digging it claws with you. Featuring artists such as The Death of Zenith, Seethe, As I Speak,one of the last recordings from EMZY ENZY featuring Blood of the Beloved, and more. It’s a mix of electronica, industrial, rock and a bit of trap metal as well. Each track contributes in giving this an atmospheric feel to it. There are some very emotional pieces within that will hit to you to your very core.

As a whole, being a fan of soundtracks, I felt this album was a quite a banger. It’s a literal grab bag of all the genres I am into, and there’s at least something for everyone. That’s what I love most about it. So anyone diving into this album will get something out of it. Especially if you are into the heavier and more darker sounds such as I am into. My favorite tracks are “Bottom of the Well”, “A Brighter Place”, “I Want All My Garmonbozia”, “Entity”, “Never Say” and “Eclipse”

Caleb Staus really put his heart and soul into the Overnight project and it shows. Musically and visually, this is one of his biggest things he put out. Once the film releases, which it will be around Valentine’s Day of 2024, it will be something to pay attention to.

The soundtrack is available as of now, and you can purchase that here. It is Caleb’s birthday today so do him a solid by supporting this album. You can also get a copy of Side A: Sun as well here which you should absolutely do. Whatever you do, do not sleep on these juicy releases.

If you want a taste, you can listen to “Entity” here right now

Also check out the music video for “Just Pretend” below:

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