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Good Boy(2022)(Review)

Who doesn’t love a weird film? Hell, that concept alone is the reason i’ve titled my Wednesday entries as such. So when the trailer for this Norwegian thriller hit the internet earlier this year, my ears perked up and received my full attention.

‘Good Boy’ tells the story of Christian. A handsome, shy, millionaire bachelor who finds a date on Tinder with the equally quiet Sigrid. The date goes well (despite Sigrid spending most of her time on her phone) and he invites her home. She is seriously impressed by the gigantic home he’s inherited from his dead parents and finds him very charming. But of course, there’s always something. And in thus case, his “something” is that he has a dog named Frank who is a fully-immersed man in a dog costume who never breaks character.

Christian finds it normal but it really unsettles Sigrid and she leaves as soon as she finds out about him the next morning. When she returns to her dorm and talks with her roommate, she only finds out now that he’s a millionaire and is shamed by her for kink-shaming his friend. She decides to give him another chance and things go rather well.
But of course, something happens. And we find out at exactly halfway through the film what Frank’s real deal is which is a gamechanger. The final act of the film is grippingly tense and twisted.

The first half plays out like a dark romantic comedy without any punchlines. Its not funny, you just feel the awkwardness of the situation to the point that it’s almost suffocating. But when reveals begin to take place, I audibly gulped.

I enjoyed this movie far more than I should’ve, and it is as weird as you were expecting. Even if you try to guess where it’s heading, it still somehow throws you for a loop. I recommend it with the caveat that the first half is a rather slow build, but I found this independent film to be charming, twisted, and worth a watch.

“Good Boy” is available to rent on Vudu.

‘Til Next Time,
Mike Cleopatra

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